Matchup Nightmares – Week 3

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Always start your studs.  It’s a term widely used in fantasy.  However, there are always times when you have to at least think about it.  The following is a list of usual starters who I think you should really think about benching in Week 3, depending on the depth of your roster.


1.  Adrian Peterson vs San Francisco

Kind of a tricky start to the season for A.P. this year.  There wasn’t too many owners who had him starting in Week 1, and an average game in Week 2 wasn’t what owners were looking to get out of him.  That brings us to this week, where the Vikings host the 49ers and their very stiff defense that has allowed 3 rushing touchdowns in the last 18 regular season games.  Unless your bench is extremely shallow, I would suggest to play it safe this week sit Mr. Peterson.

2.  Darren McFadden vs Pittsburgh

Let’s get something straight, this isn’t a jab at DMC’s first two games, which were lackluster at best, but it doesn’t help that he rolls into Week 3 and has yet to total 60 yards rushing.  Add in the fact that the Steelers will be looking to continue their dominance against the run (McGahee, 64 yards and Greene, 23 yards), and the numbers don’t add up for McFadden to do damage this weekend.  Proceed with caution when setting your lineups.

3.  Andre Johnson @ Champ Bailey (Denver)

It might be getting old, the player and the cliche, but it is still true.  Bailey remains one of the NFL’s top corners and usually wins the battle against the other team’s top WR.  In Week 1, he held Mike Wallace in check (Wallace’s TD came against Porter at the goal line), and Julio Jones was non-existent on Monday night in Atlanta.  There are enough receivers out there that you should be able to handle an A.J. benching this weekend.

Other notable tough matchups to avoid…

  • 4.  Shonn Greene @ Miami
  • 5.  Cedric Benson @ Seattle
  • 6.  Torrey Smith vs New England
  • 7.  Larry Fitzgerald vs Philadelphia (yes, again!)

The Dolphins and Seahawks are two very underrated run-defenses and they are both at home.  Add in the fact Greene and Benson have yet to really breakout this season, and you get two easier benches, than the highlighted players above.  The Patriots took Fitzgerald out of the game last week and Torrey Smith owners should be prepared for much of the same.  Sure, Boldin should help him out more than Larry’s complementary staff, but I’m sure the Patriots will not let Smith get behind them, expect another sub-par week from the speedster.  That leaves good old Larry himself.  Until Kevin Kolb can actually do something besides checking down, combined with a very solid Eagles’ secondary, Fitzgerald owners should be prepared for more disappointment than elation.


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  1. Chad Simmons says:

    Apologies to McFadden owners who took my advice. Also, Andre Johnson had nice stats, but to my defense, he only had two catches…just so happens one was a 60 yard TD! Torrey Smith went off, playing with a heavy heart, condolences to his family.

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